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Tour Biking via “Death Road” – Coroico (Full Day)

Coroico is located in the picturesque zone of Los Yungas at 96 kilometers from the city of La Paz; the trip is a 4-hour long trip with an altitude of 1,750 meters above sea level.


The biking tour is done in this region and is relatively beautiful due to the region’s contrast of natural beauty with its varying ecosystems. Within the biking tour, you will be able to visit varying environments – from the beautiful mountains covered in snow to the incredible sites covered with flowers and much vegetation – having also a change of climate that varies incredibly from the mountains during the start of the tour until reaching the semi-tropical zone in which you can see plantations of coca leaves, citric fruits, bananas, and other fruits and vegetation until reaching the city of Coroico.

Biking Tour via “Death Road” – Coroico


Full Day




Todos los Días del Año

Tour Guide:

Español / Inglés

06:50 AM – Personal pickup from our office in the center of the city of La Paz (3,600 meters above sea level) via transport to travel to what is called the Cumbre (4,700 meters above sea level) where we will start our descension on bike via the riskiest and most exciting highway in Bolivia: Death Road.

From the start of the tour, our experienced guides provide orientation and guidance throughout the entire biking experience. During the first section of the tour, everyone will descend via a meandering asphalted passage with a weather climate that is cold and frigid until arriving to the point of control which is found in Unduavi. After the arrival, everyone will enter via a dirt passage which is revered as the dangerous Death Road; there will be certain rest areas where you can appreciate the natural beauty of this region and also take pictures. The rapid descension on bike takes about 4-to-5 hours until reaching the village of Yolosa (1,200 meters above sea level) – with a milder-to-hot climate – where you will be able to rest and where we will also prepare the biking equipment for transport back to La Paz via road transportation. After resting, you will be able to visit a restaurant, enjoy lunch, and then take a refreshing shower or take a swim. After resting and having lunch, everyone will return to La Paz via road transportation and via the new asphalted highway (not Death Road); the trip back to La Paz is about 3 hours.

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Touristic transport to/from La Paz

Bilingual tour guide (English/Spanish)

Snacks during the biking tour (water, chocolate, and sandwiches or fruit)

Bike (full suspension with disc braking / double suspension)

Equipment (helmet, gloves, rain jacket, rain pants)


Access to the Showers

Downloadable Content (Pictures and Videos)

A Death Road T-shirt



In order to provide tour and/or tour package prices, we would appreciate if you would please provide for us the number of people who would be going on the tour.


Entrance Fees (a total of 50 bolivianos)

Accident Insurance (Required)

NOTE: It is recommended to pass by our office a day before to try on the equipment (helmet, gloves, rain jacket, rain pants)



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